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The best Izakaya Albertinkatu has ever seen

Opening hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 17-23
  • Thursday 17-23
  • Friday 17-23
  • Saturday 14-23
  • Sunday Closed

Experience the rough side of Tokyo’s food culture on Albertinkatu – Our Japanese inspired restaurant complex Shinobi and Ra-yu will open soon.

Travelers who have visited Tokyo know the exceptional food culture the city has to offer with its restaurants and bars. Now a touch of the same feeling is also brought to Albertinkatu in the premises of the legendary Rivoli and Rivoletto restaurants. Passers-by can walk past Shinobi and Ra-yu and feel the bright neon lights of Tokyo’s restaurant and bar streets, while also smelling the scent of a charcoal grill bubbling into the street. If you take a peek through the window to the Ra-yu bar, you may even see the Nordic’s first ever Kirin Ichiban beer tap as well as shelves bursting with sake and soju.

Tokyo is said to be the food capital of the world and food street culture has a long tradition there. Through Shinobi and Ra-yu, we can make the scents and flavors familiar from the streets and restaurants of Tokyo available to everyone. Shinobi is an Izakaya-style kitchen that serves Japanese soul food, a taste that can be experienced on Tokyo’s bar and restaurant streets. Shinobi Shokudo is a japanese word that also means ‘ninja’s kitchen’ in Finnish. The Ra-yu bar, on the other hand, resembles something like the one that could be found in Shinjuku’s legendary Golden-gai blocks

Jesper Björkell


Albertinkatu 38
00180, Helsinki